Coaching Experience

With over 14 years of climbing under my belt involving most types of climbing indoors and outside; from comps to trad and with a BSC in sport science I believe this gives me the tools to help people develop both the technical and physical side of climbing.

Sport Scientist

The science behind training. During my course I studied such areas as sport psychology, sports physiology and sports biomechanics. This gives me the knowledge to help develop and understand the training requirements for each population group.

Former Coach of the Junior British Climbing Team

Working with elite climbers in the Northern area, this covered competition, technical and physical training.

Coach of the Senior British Bouldering Team

I am the fitness and training coach for the senior team which involves looking afer the more physical side of their training. Read more about the British Bouldering team on their website

Coach of the North East and Cumbria BRYCS (Rock Solid) Team

I assist with the development of children in the North East and Cumbria areas, improving their climbing skills and exposing them to friendly comps. This involves monthly workshops around North East England and Cumbria, and more concentrated small group coaching sessions weekly overthe winter months. Read more about the Rock Solid team on their website

Private Coaching: What can I do for YOU?

One to One

These sessions are very personal, looking at developing your climbing. After a quick chat we look at what you think is imprtant, ranging from basic technique to training methods to help you get stronger or fitter. These sessions can take place throughout the country.

Price: 40.00, for a 90 minute session.

Ability Assessment

An overview of your climbing followed up with written and video feedback and a simple session to increase your climbing ability.

Price: 50.00, for a 120 minute session.

Training Programme

Three four week programmes, structures and personalised around your life and climbing.

Price: 150.00, for a 12 week programme.

Group Workshop

Group sesion for 5-8 weeks personalised to the group's level and need. We look at things from basic technique to training methods. This will be follwed up with written feedback

Price: ~150.00, depending on group.

How do I book training sessions?

You can contact me directly to book sessions:
By E-mail: